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Sober Meditations

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Sober Meditations is a 100% FREE app. Sober Meditations is a resource of contemplative alcohol recovery meditations. Sober Meditations are recorded by recovering alcoholics that share what they have experienced in a contemplative meditation format, one thought at a time.

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Mar 5, 2020

Learning to Live in the Moment

Meditation 4 of 9

Hi, I am Buddy C, and this is our fourth 5 minute meditation in our Step 6 Series. For me, learning to live in the moment is one of the most beneficial tools I have gotten from sobriety. We will talk about why this is important and a different tool in each of the other Step 6 meditations.

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Are you interested in participating in We are always looking for recovered alcoholics that want to share their experience, strength, and hope. Please email for more information!

More about Buddy C.

Even after almost dying from pancreatitis, Buddy took 6 years of relapsing before he could stay sober. That was 2008 and Buddy has been sober ever since. Buddy practices AA but has a very open-minded approach to recovery including hosting a weekly podcast, The Tao of Our understanding, and working with the Shair Recovery Community