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Sober Meditations

Welcome to Sober Meditations!

Some possible uses of Sober Meditations are:

  • Alcohol Recovery Contemplative Meditations
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Sober Meditations is a 100% FREE app. Sober Meditations are recorded by recovering alcoholics that share what they have experienced in a contemplative meditation format, one thought at a time.

Over 400 meditations are available with 9 meditations on each step plus many more topics. More topics are being added every month.  

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May 18, 2020

Sharing with  Someone!

Meditation 4 of 9

Hi, I am Buddy C, and this is our fourth 20 minute meditation in our Step 5 Series. Sharing your 5th Step with another person is crucial. We will discuss a different tool in each Step 5 meditation.

More about Buddy C.

Even after almost dying from pancreatitis, Buddy constantly relapsed for five years before learning to be powerless over alcohol and surrender. That was in 2008, and Buddy has been sober ever since. Buddy practices AA but has a very open-minded approach to recovery, including hosting The Tao of Our understanding Recovery Podcast. You can also visit for information on his book, Powerless But Not Helpless, a free daily Tao recovery meditation, and other sobriety resources.

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