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Sober Meditations

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Sober Meditations is a 100% FREE app. Sober Meditations are recorded by recovering alcoholics that share what they have experienced in a contemplative meditation format, one thought at a time.

Over 400 meditations are available with 9 meditations on each step plus many more topics. More topics are being added every month.  

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Jan 3, 2020

If I Can Stop Drinking Anyone Can!

Meditation 2 or 7

Hi, I am Buddy C, and this is our second 5 minute meditation in our series discussing cravings. The topic is, "If I can stop drinking, anyone can." As an alcoholic, I know what it is like to have cravings so overwhelming that I can think of nothing else. In this series, we are going to talk about a specific tool in each meditation that has helped me in recovery.

Remember, this meditation series comes in a 2 minute emergency meditation, and a 5 minute, 10 minute, and 20 Minute more traditional contemplative guided meditation, focusing on the specific topic for that meditation series. The tools are the same, with the longer meditations giving more time for reflection and shared experience about each tool.

The purpose of this meditation is to look through our thoughts to clearly see the recovery that is at our fingertips instead of focusing on our present circumstances that are causing the illusion that a drink would be a good idea. I know from personal experience that a drink is never a good idea. It is easy to lose sight of this when I am overwhelmed. Hopefully, this meditation will help you form a better perspective.

Are you enjoying these meditations? Sober Meditations is 100% free and will always be free. If you would like to help support our efforts, we provide additional benefits for a donation of as low as $4 a month. Benefits include live weekly meetings, a private Facebook group for further discussion, input on future meditations, and more! Go to to join or to make a one-time donation with PayPal click here;

Are you interested in participating in Sober Meditations? We are always looking for recovered alcoholics that want to share their experience, strength, and hope. Please email for more information!

More about Buddy C.

Even after almost dying from pancreatitis, Buddy took 6 years of relapsing before he could learn to be powerless over alcohol and surrender. That was 2008 and Buddy has been sober ever since. Buddy practices AA but has a very open-minded approach to recovery including hosting The Tao of Our understanding Recovery Podcast.